Some time ago Erin Went to live with a nice and elegant lady in the mountains of Maine. She must still be holding her tooth waiting for the tooth fairy to come and exchange it for the one dollar coin. Erin also still holds much of my love since each doll I make I put my heart and my dreams inside it.

Erin and the Tooth fairy… Is a life size hyperrealistic doll…Inspired on the American folk fairy tale, she is made of silicone and resin. Does she look real?

#bebesquasedeverdade #lucianamiglioranzi #lucianamiglioranziart #portraitdoll #bostonartist #cambridge #pocosdecaldas #babiesnbubbles

Publicado por Babies n' Bubbles

Imagine uma bolha magica com um bebê flutuando dentro... Este bebê é real! Bem, quase real... isto é Reborn® Babies n' Bubbles, um mundo de fofura que vive nas profundesas da sua imaginação.... Imagine a magic bubble floting with a baby inside...This baby is real! Well, almost real! It's Babies n' Bubbles, a world of cuteness that resides in the deepness of your imagination .

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